Collaboration not competition: uniting providers through partnerships

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By James Bannister

The 10th annual European CME Forum, an international meeting focusing on emerging trends and best practices in continuing medical education (CME), was held last month at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. As part of the illuminating two-day programme, the Liberum team worked with the Global Alliance for Medical Education (of which our MD Celeste Kolanko is an elected board member) to run an interactive workshop titled ‘Quality collaborations by global organisations’.

The rationale for global CME programmes is simple: there is a global need for education that unites professional roles and upskills HCPs to global standards, while simultaneously addressing local-level considerations. Individual stakeholders have unique solutions, but present a mixture of strengths and weaknesses – where one may have more resources or experience in producing education, another may have more opportunity to reach to potential learners.

The solution therefore lies in collaboration. By uniting as a group of educational providers, medical societies, patient advocacy groups and/or financial supporters, a collaboration can synergistically utilise the strengths of each organisation to produce high-quality medical education that reaches the most relevant audiences.

These principles were put into practice in the interactive workshop, where delegates broke out into teams to respond to a model case of educational need. Each team contained a representative from each stakeholder (educators, society members, financial supporters and accreditation providers) in order to devise novel, well-informed solutions to the theoretical problem. Although each of the break out teams took a unique approach to their response, they all demonstrated key principles of collaboration to produce effective educational content with highly measurable impact.

Not only was this workshop well attended, but it also received glowing feedback from the delegates. Having successfully made a case for the benefits of global partnerships and educating on best practices, the workshop is set to impact the provision of CME across Europe.

If you would like to find out how to engage global partners to produce effective programmes, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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