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By Mia Neve

Continuing medical education (CME) provides cutting-edge information in a format that clinicians rely on. Studies have consistently found that: 

  • CME has helped up to 98% of clinicians improve patient care1
  • Healthcare providers prefer CME to other sources of information (edging out even journal articles and publications)1
  • A similar trend is being observed in Europe, where HCPs demonstrate a clear preference for education from a non-promotional source2

To support the pharmaceutical industry keep abreast with this ever-changing medical education landscape Liberum IME are offering a Free CME educational webinar for pharmaceutical professionals.

Join us at 8am or 3pm GMT on February 8th to prepare for the year ahead. Whether you are a practiced professional or new to the field, this session will offer helpful approaches to help you and your teams identify when and how best to utilise CME in your 2018 plan.

Topics covered

  • What is CME and where does it fit into my strategic plan?
  • What opportunities and benefits does independent medical education offer?
  • When deciding what kind of education to support, why would you choose IME/CME?
  • What are the rules and regulations surrounding CME?
  • What are the best practice approaches to providing IME/CME?

Key speaker

Celeste Kolanko

Celeste Kolanko has more than 15 years’ experience in IME/CME, delivering large-scale, global programmes across a variety of therapy areas. An experienced educator  Celeste frequently presents at international conferences on the topic of CME.

If you would like a Liberum educator to come and run a bespoke session for you and your colleagues please contact


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2. EPG Health Media. Continuing Medical Education (CME): The behaviour, demands and views of healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Europe. November 2012. Available at: (accessed october2017). 

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