Educational formats

Our innovative solutions

With ever-growing demands on clinicians’ time, the format and design of education is becoming increasingly important. Liberum prides itself on producing education that is flexible, interactive and appeals to a variety of learning styles. Explore some of our most innovative approaches below.

Classroom to Clinic™

Classroom to Clinic combines clinicians’ desire for live education with the reach of online learning. Through the online platform, clinicians can prepare personalised, CME-accredited meetings in minutes.

These complete lesson plans feature interactive exercises, instructions and literary resources, making Classroom to Clinic the perfect solution for busy clinicians who enjoy small group learning, but cannot afford the time to plan a lesson.

Classroom to Clinic features:

An online planning system

By combining a custom blend of activities, educators can build a localised lesson tailored to the specific needs and time constraints of their learners.

Localised information

We partner with expert faculty to adapt global consensus to local recommendations. By developing content tailored to country-level considerations and in local language, we ensure that content is relevant, effective and disseminates best practice.

Publication to Practice™

With the increasing volume of data published every year, clinicians report difficulty in applying findings of trials to their daily practice.

Publication to Practice provides a resource for clinicians to receive concise, relevant summaries of new data and, importantly, advice on how the findings can be implemented in practice on a global and local level.


As time becomes more and more precious for healthcare professionals, we are creating innovative solutions to ensure they can still find the time to fit in education. From podcasts available on the go, to digital symposia saving on travel time and case study exercises that can be completed in under 15 minutes, our methods keep education accessible for today’s busy professionals.

To find out more about our innovations in education, please contact us.